Happy Birthday Son, I Bought You a Stripper

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28 Sep 2017 · 42 minutes

Happy Birthday Son, I Bought You a Stripper
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There's nothing like a bit of T&A wrapped up in a bow to tell your teenager you love him, right? Well hiring an exotic dancer is the latest trend in 18th birthday parties and Andrew Daddo has some pretty strong views on it. (So strong, in fact, that you probably don't want to listen to this one around the kiddies.)

And are pram parking spots a right or a privilege for parents? We discuss a mum who thinks they're an insult to the disabled. 

Plus, could your child secretly be a genius? We talk to an expert to debunk every myth you've ever heard about gifted kids. Is it only boys who are gifted? Is there a link between genius and autism? Dr Mimi Wellisch answers ALL our questions. 

Show notes
Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo

With thanks to Dr Mimi Wellish from Clever Kids Consultancy 

Today's show was brought to you by Bad Moms 2, in cinemas November 2

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