Even the Babies Are Sugar-Free Now

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20 Apr 2017 · 44 minutes

Even the Babies Are Sugar-Free Now
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Should babies go sugar-free? There’s a new cookbook that says yes, but not everyone agrees with putting bubs on a diet, because rolly babies are the cutest, right?  How do kids from the bush go to school where there isn't one? We find out about the governesses who fly in like Mary Poppins to educate children in outback Australia. Jay Laga'aia shares his tricks for getting kids to help out and how he shames them into cleaning their rooms. Plus, a listener wants to know, how do you parent a toddler and a teen? With eight kids aged from 7 to 33, Jay has a few ideas. 


Your hosts were Holly Wainwright and Jay Laga'aia

With thanks to Paula Heelan, Author of Outback Governesses

Andrew Daddo returns next week!

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