Little Kids: Tiffiny Hall On Mum's 'Bouncing Back'.

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17 Nov 2019 · 21 minutes

Little Kids: Tiffiny Hall On Mum's 'Bouncing Back'.
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The post-baby bod Instagram post is a part of something that's quickly becoming an epidemic. Every where you look there's talk of Mum's bouncing back after having kids, and to be honest, we're not having it anymore. 

On this episode, Leigh and Tegan chat with trainer and founder of Tiff XO, Tiffiny Hall to hear her take on the 'bounce back epidemic" 

Plus Tegan shares a WTF moment of the week which actually happened to her, not long after she had her third bubba. 


Your hosts are Leigh Campbell & Tegan Natoli

With thanks to our guest Tiffiny Hall

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