Best Of: The Couple Who Retired In Their 30's

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05 Jan 2017 · 24 minutes

Best Of: The Couple Who Retired In Their 30's
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We're digging into the back catalogue and bringing you the most talked-about, the funniest, and the best bits of the show. 

Do you live in a naked house? If you feel overdressed in a towel and can pick your son’s bare bum out of a line-up, the answer is probably yes. And how much is a tooth worth these days? There's one toothfairy that's gone wayyy over the top. For anyone who's got the post-holiday work blues, we meet a couple who retired in their 30's and found out how they did it. Plus, Holly finally nailed getting Billy to eat greens in the form of a spinach pie recipe sent in by a listener. It's practically magic. 

Show Notes

Your hosts were Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo

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