BEST OF TGM: The Bogan Baby Name Test

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BEST OF TGM: The Bogan Baby Name Test

In case you missed it, naming your child Chardonnay or Jarren will practically guarantee they never become a doctor or Prime Minister. Heed Sabrina Rogers-Anderson's sage advice, she literally wrote the book on bogan baby names. 

Plus, would you eat at a vegan restaurant where you're likely to be accosted by yodelling children and babies waggling their bare-bums? We'll be eating our smashed avo elsewhere, thank you very much. 

And in kick-arse country kid form, a 12-year-old pinched his family car and drove it 1300km through the outback but how the heck did he get away with it?

It's another round up of the most brilliant, cringey moments of this messy show. Enjoy! 


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