Best of: I Took Nits All The Way To Italy

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26 Jan 2017 · 36 minutes

Best of: I Took Nits All The Way To Italy
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Welcome to the best of This Glorious Mess. We're digging into our back catalogue to bring you the most fascinating and funniest bits from the show. 

Lolly bags: A joyful tradition or more useless stuff we don't need? Imagine waving goodbye to your child as they left to scale Everest. Glenn Azar did just that. His daughter Alyssa Azar just climbed Mount Everest - the youngest ever Aussie to do so. So what's it like having an extreme teen? We speak to the Melbourne mum of twins whose ingenious solution to twin questions went viral. Holly's back from her family holiday, except it wasn't just the kids that enjoyed a European summer. Scratch scratch.

Show Notes

Your hosts were Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo

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