Best of: I Fed a Sugar Free Child all the Chocolate in the World

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19 Jan 2017 · 35 minutes

Best of: I Fed a Sugar Free Child all the Chocolate in the World
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Welcome to the best of This Glorious Mess. We're digging into our back catalogue to bring you the most fascinating and funniest bits from the show. 

How the heck do you control screen time? Nikki Gemmell bolted a safe to the floor and only she knows the combination. You're taking someone else's kid to a birthday party. They aren't allowed sugar. Do you tail them to make sure they don't touch the fairy bread? Or do you let them run wild into a land of cakes and jelly snakes?Plus we speak to a midwife who has delivered over 10,000 babies, and ask her about some of the most unusual things she's seen in the birthing suite. She also answers whether or not you really need an Enya CD playing (hint, it's a no...).

Show Notes

Your hosts were Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo

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