Food: Friend or Foe?

the well

11 Oct 2016 · 27 minutes

Food: Friend or Foe?
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What's your relationship to food? Would you rather eat cake or be healthy? At the end of an out of control day, do you hide in the pantry snacking? Or is saying no to that giant slice of chocolate cake more of a reward? Food is our life source and we all have to eat, but our relationships with food are far from simple. Bec Sparrow is an emotional eater, prone to grazing on her kids leftovers. Robin Bailey likes to be in control of what she puts in her mouth, and she's never ordered a three course meal.

The Well is the show that explores the head, the heart and the happiness of life.

It's hosted by author and columnist Rebecca Sparrow and Triple M Breakfast Host  Robin Bailey,  .  

This show was produced by Ruth De Glas.

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