Friendships: The Good, The Bad and The Toxic

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24 May 2016 · 28 minutes

Friendships: The Good, The Bad and The Toxic
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Friends are the sunshine of life. But like sunshine, they can either radiate their goodness on you, or burn the crap out of you if you're not careful.

With everyone craving quality connections, how do you find new friends? Can you pick them up in a playground or bar? And how should you approach this delicate dance?

Do we need to look at the way kids make friends, and follow their lead?

We roadtest the theory that friendships only last 7 years before you rotate into new ones.

And how do you let go of a friend who makes you feel crap?

The Well has practical tips to be a better real-world friend in an age where everyone is glued to their devices.


Hosted by Rebecca Sparrow and radio presenter Robin Bailey, it's the show that explores the head, heart and happiness of life. 

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Rebecca Sparrow is an author and self-help book reader.

And Robin Bailey is a Triple M Breakfast Host

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