The Age Of 40 Is Not A Deadline... It's A Beginning

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15 Jul 2017 · 37 minutes

The Age Of 40 Is Not A Deadline... It's A Beginning
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Have you ever felt like you're too old to follow your dream? Well, it's time to put the excuses away and get down to business! This is a very special episode of The Well – featuring three amazing women who didn’t let the big 4-0 (and beyond!) stop them, picked themselves up, took control of their lives and achieved amazing things. Featuring insights from George McEncroe - founder of female ride share company Shebah, Author Kate Hunter and Creator of Fashion Brand White Label Noba Tracey Watkins you will be amazed at how three very different roads led these three very different women to realise their dreams. So why not you? And why not now?  

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The Well is hosted by author and columnist Rebecca Sparrow and Triple M Breakfast Host Robin Bailey.

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