My Inbox is Eating My Life

the well

30 Aug 2016 · 38 minutes

My Inbox is Eating My Life
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Life admin can weigh you down. Paperwork and emails and forms and housework can make you feel out of control. So imagine how it would feel if you were on top of it all? If you had a system for all the paperwork and the emails and the clothes on the floor and the dishes in the sink? Can anyone ever reach the mythical "Inbox zero"?

Bec Sparrow shares all the tips she's learned for dealing with Life Admin and never-ending emails, while her co-host Robin Bailey buries her head in the sand and pretends she doesn't have a problem. 

The Well is hosted by author and columnist Rebecca Sparrow and Triple M Breakfast Host Robin Bailey, The Well is the show that explores the head, the heart and the happiness of life.  

This show was produced by Ruth De Glass.

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