Is It Ever OK Not to Forgive?

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05 Jul 2016 · 30 minutes

Is It Ever OK Not to Forgive?
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Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong, said Gandhi. But what if you're not Gandhi? What if you're just a regular person, badly betrayed by a friend? Robin Bailey is that woman, burned by someone close to her, and she can't let it go. So is it ever ok not to forgive? Does forgiving someone make you a doormat, or excuse the terrible behaviour of the transgressor? And why is there cultural pressure to forgive when sometimes you just don't want to?
Plus, have you been living like the Danes? We check in on your Hygge homework.

Hosted by author and columnist Rebecca Sparrow and radio presenter Robin Bailey, it's the show that explores the head, heart and happiness of life. 

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Rebecca Sparrow is an author and self-help book reader.

And Robin Bailey is on Triple M Breakfast 

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