‘Stacey Had Sex With My Husband’: MAFS Delivers Again

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31 Mar 2020 · 21 minutes

‘Stacey Had Sex With My Husband’: MAFS Delivers Again
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On the show today…

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is back for a new season, but what violent outburst led to production of the show being shut down?

Emma Watson has called out Teen Vogue for twisting her words, but is she really in the right? You can read the article HEREhttps://bit.ly/2xAnBlw  

Last night’s Married At First Sight dinner party was wild, so what can we expect from the final episode this weekend? Jessie Stephens joined us to fill us in on everything from this crazy final week. Find Jessie’s latest MAFS Recap HEREhttps://bit.ly/2QYftlG 

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Hosts: Kee Reece & Laura Brodnik

Guest: Jessie Stephens

Producer: Hannah Bowman


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