Emma Corrin, Julia Roberts & The Armpit "Controversy"

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Emma Corrin, Julia Roberts & The Armpit "Controversy"

On the show today…

Grey's Anatomy alumni, Isaiah Washington, calls out ex co-star Katherine Heigl on twitter. What caused the actor to reignite a 13-year old feud?

And an SAS Australia first! Iron woman Candice Warner and actor Firass Dirani were brutally cut from the Channel 7 series last night.

Plus, in today's deep dive...The Crown's, Emma Corrin, appears on the digital cover of UK Glamour, with her armpit hair proudly on display. The actress joins celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski and Miley Cyrus who have sexualised underarm hair. But it hasn't always been that way.

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'Diana’s bulimia was a way of purging all the emotion that she didn't know how to control': The Crown’s Emma Corrin on body image & being hospitalised mid-filming - UK Glamour Magazine


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