The Behind The Scenes Drama On Big Little Lies

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21 Jul 2019 · 18 minutes

The Behind The Scenes Drama On Big Little Lies
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Welcome to the first episode of The Spill, our daily entertainment podcast that covers all the stories you don't need to know but really want to.

On the show today...

Big Little Lies Season 2 wasn't exactly what fans were expecting and it turns out that internal politics are to blame.  So what was going on behind the scenes that's meant people aren't happy?

There were some big announcements about strong female characters from Comic-Con this weekend including the news that Natalie Portman will be playing a new version of Thor, Goddess of Thunder.  So is this Marvel trying to make up for making her "just a girlfriend" in the previous Thor movies?

A$AP Rocky is currently detained in a Swedish jail and every celebrity in town is trying to get him out, including The President Of The United States.  

So why is child star Justin Bieber the only person who appears to be making sense?

And Lindsay Lohan is in Australia for her new job on The Masked Singer Australia.  So is this going to be like every other second chance she's been given or are we about to witness the ULTIMATE redemption story?

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Hosts: Kee Reece & Laura Brodnik

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