The Story Behind That Scandalous Adele Interview Just Doesn’t Add Up

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The Story Behind That Scandalous Adele Interview Just Doesn’t Add Up

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Discovery+ has announced they will be releasing a new documentary called Johnny vs Amber, a two-episode offering that promises to “tell the story of the breakdown” of the relationship between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and “how it tipped into the celebrity court case of the decade.” But can this documentary really make good on its ultimate promise?

Plus, ever since her 13-year conservatorship officially came to an end it’s pretty clear that Britney Spears has full control of her social media back and this weekend she posted a video to her Instagram account calling out fellow musician Christina Aguilera. But when you actually understand the context behind the video, it’s not just another case of Britney being pitted against Christina.

And it’s the interview everyone in Australia is talking about right now, even though it never went to air. It’s been revealed that Channel Seven’s Weekend Sunrise host Matt Doran flew with a crew to London for an exclusive interview with Adele. But the interview has been pulled after Adele discovered Doran had not listened to her new album. Doran has since apologised for the mistake, asked for the interview to be aired, and said he missed the email that contained the link to the album. But there’s something about this story that just doesn't add up.


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