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25 Jan 2019 · 26 minutes

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Everyone's been obsessing lately over Netflix's series YOU, especially Penn Badgley's character Joe. 

The show is set in New York and follows a bookstore manager who falls in love with a writer and goes to extreme lengths, including murder, to make sure he gets the girl. 

Join Clare Stephens and Nicolle Stuart on this weeks episode of The Recap as they chat about what they think makes the show so good, and what parts of the show are so problematic.

You can stream YOU on Netflix here:


Things that make absolutely no sense in Netflix's YOU 

Penn Badgley has a simple message for anyone who fancies his character in YOU

Everything we know so far about season two of Netflix's YOU.


Hosts: Clare Stephens & Nicolle Stuart 

Producer: Rachael Hart & Amelia Navascues

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 02 8999 9386

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