The Other Guy, Will & Grace, and A Typical

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The Other Guy, Will & Grace, and A Typical

It's the show that Australia didn't even know it needed. The Other Guy, Matt Okine's new show, is a raw, refreshing and tragic look at modern dating, and it breaks all the rules of network TV. We go behind the scenes with the breakout star, Harriet Dyer, who tells us exactly why it's so different. Will and Grace is the latest show to jump on the reboot bandwagon - but has the world moved on from the 90’s sitcom? Plus, is A Typical on Netflix the most important representation of Autism we have ever seen on screens? Or does it miss the mark? And remember when Pacey on Dawson's Creek slept with his teacher? We look at some of the most ridiculous things that happened on our favourite teen TV shows that just wouldn’t fly now…

Show Notes

This episode is hosted by Monique Bowley and Clare Stephens

The Binge is produced by Elissa Ratliff for the Mamamia Podcast Network.

Monique Bowley is the Executive Producer of Podcasts

A Typical is on Netflix now

WILL & GRACE will premiere exclusively on Stan on September 29

The Other Guy drops this Thursday on Stan

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The Binge was brought to you by The Other Guy. All episodes premiering this Thursday only on Stan.

Clare thinks you should be watching 20 Something on Netflix and Monz thinks it is worth watching Better Call Saul on Stan.

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