The Night Of The Kettering Incident is UnREAL

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18 Jul 2016 · 39 minutes

The Night Of The Kettering Incident is UnREAL
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There's no denying that Quinn from UnREAL is TV’s Queen of Mean. But the actor behind the character, Constance Zimmer, tells us she never really wanted it to be that way. Tasmania has a bit of a reputation as a strange place, and new Aussie drama The Kettering Incident does nothing to help it. We have the Emmy winners and losers, plus HBO has a big new show that's making Laura feel very sick. The Night Of  is based on a BBC drama, and the reviews are crazy bad and crazy good. 

Show Notes

Laura Brodnik was joined by Mamamia's Entertainment Reporter Jess Clark and Social Media Editor Amy Cooper.

Read the full list of the Emmy nominations here.

You can watch Offspring on Ten at 8.30pm on Wednesday

Find The Night Of on Showtime on Sunday's at 7.30.

The Kettering Incident is on every Monday at 8.30pm on Showtime. 

Amy recommends The US Bachelorette on Nine Life

Jess recommends Mr Robot on Presto

Laura recommends Penny Dreadful on Stan.

Rosie Waterland is away this week.

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