McLeod's Daughters, Twin Peaks & The Bachelor

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McLeod's Daughters, Twin Peaks & The Bachelor

Lock up your roses and put your best cocktail dress on. We are mere days away from finding out who Matty J chooses to be his Bachelorette. But why have so many people tuned out of The Bachelor this year? Plus, Twin Peaks has finally wrapped up - and according to Laura it has changed the way that reboots are done forever. Even though we can’t work out what happened. And, all that McLeod’s Daughters revival talk seems to have paid off according to the show’s creator. But do we really need the once popular Aussie drama back on our screens?

Show Notes

This episode is hosted by Laura Brodnik and Clare Stephens

The Binge is produced by Elissa Ratliff for the Mamamia Podcast Network.

The Emmys air on September 17th.

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