Love Our Weekly TV Recaps? We’ve Got A New Show

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Love Our Weekly TV Recaps? We’ve Got A New Show

You might have noticed this show has had a little makeover. It’s now called Mamamia Reviews and it’ll be your one stop shop for reviews of all the seasons of TV you love and can’t wait to talk about once the final episode has dropped.

If, however, you’re a fan of our weekly recaps like Bach Chat and MAFS chat, you’re not alone. They've become so popular we’ve decided to give them their very own home in a new show called Mamamia Recaps.

So no matter how you like to chat TV we've got you covered.

Want to binge a whole season before you dissect it? Awesome! We'll be dropping a new episode every month right here, kicking off with the latest season of The Bold Type.

Want to break down your favourite shows, episode by episode? Then come on over to Mamamia Recaps...

And if you can't decide to make sure you subscribe to both!