Kancelling Kardashians, Amanda Knox and Diversity in Aussie TV.

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10 Oct 2016 · 35 minutes

Kancelling Kardashians, Amanda Knox and Diversity in Aussie TV.
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The Kardashian Kerfuffle Kould mean the show is Kancelled. For a family whose fame was built on publicity, what now? The Amanda Knox documentary had us all mesmerised until we remembered someone actually died. Is True Crime really entertainment? And are there too many white men on the telly? Quite frankly we're sick of all the macho biopics that celebrate blokes like Peter Brock. Why can't some of our awesome women get a look in? Miranda Tapsell may be the answer. We spoke to the indigenous actress about Love Child, drama school and diversity in Aussie TV. 

Show Notes

This episode was hosted by Laura Brodnik and Jessie Stephens.

Jessie recommends: Mental As Week on the ABC
Laura recommends: Designated Survivor

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