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18 Jan 2019 · 25 minutes

Bird Box
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It's fair to say Bird Box is one of the most talked about movies in 2019 and was the reasoning behind the worldwide Bird Box challenge. 

Set five years after an unseen force drives people to commit suicide, Bird Box follows the story of a mother, played by Sandra Bullock, and her desperate attempt to guide her children to safety... Blindfolded

Clare Stephens and Adam Bub are here to unpack everything, Is this just a different version of 'A Quiet Place'? What does the film actually mean and what were the plotholes? 

Just a warning, this podcast discusses adult themes and may be triggering for some people.

You can stream Bird Box on Netflix here:


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Hosts: Clare Stephens & Adam Bub

Producer: Luca Lavigne & Rachael Hart 

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Phone: 02 8999 9386

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