Bach Chat: WE MADE IT!

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15 Nov 2018 · 27 minutes

Bach Chat: WE MADE IT!
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We made it everyone! It's finale week!!

After a season of Magic Mike wannabes, avocado funerals & the word FIT being so overused we never want to hear it again, it all came down to Todd and Taite.

Bill was sent home (finally) after lying about his ex/current girlfriend Amy and Todd told Ali she wanted her to be the mother of her children. Which pretty much guaranteed he was dead man walking.

The family met the final two and Taite told Ali he wasn't sure about all this marriage and babies talk.

Then, once again, we saw someone who'd done exactly what the Bacherolette asked him to do get his heart torn into a million tiny pieces.

Ain't love grand.

Jessie Stephens is away so Clare is joined by Rachel Corbett to dissect the final moments of Ali's search for love.

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