BACH CHAT #1: Show Us Your Secret (Lady) Garden

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26 Jul 2017 · 18 minutes

BACH CHAT #1: Show Us Your Secret (Lady) Garden
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We hope you packed your moist towelettes, this is going to be a dirty season. There's putrid dresses and even more putrid cat-fights. Yes, The Bachelor is back and it has brought with it some flame-throwing, ribbon twirling, grass-cutting women willing to fight to the death for Matty’s dangly bits. Who will get a rose? Who will Matty show his secret garden to? Who will get drunk and confess to a crime? We've already got ourselves a Georgia Love lookalike, an Insta-stalker and TWO mean girl villains to rival Regina George. Game on moles.

Join Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald every Thursday straight after the show for your smart Bachie commentary. You bring the champagne and popcorn, we'll bring the banter. 

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