Alias Grace Will Hypnotise You

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13 Nov 2017 · 37 minutes

Alias Grace Will Hypnotise You
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If there's a giant, red Handmaid's Tale-shaped hole in your heart, Netflix is about to fill it. Alias Grace is an even darker Margaret Atwood adaption that will have you captivated from the start right through to the twisty, ambiguous ending. 

Plus, step into our 2018 TV crystal ball as we bring you all news from the Channel Ten upfronts. While some favourites won't be returning next year, there's plenty of room for shiny new shows like Bachelor in Paradise and we bailed up contestant-to-be Apollo for the inside scoop. 

Show Notes

This episode is hosted by Clare Stephens and Laura Brodnik

The Binge is produced by Rachel Wagner for the Mamamia Podcast Network.

Today's epsiode was brought to you by Wonder. In cinemas November 30.

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