Who Are Australia's Invisible Farmers

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26 Mar 2019 · 11 minutes

Who Are Australia's Invisible Farmers
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When you Google image search 'Australian Farmer' you're bombarded with pictures of men young and old, dressed in flannel shirts and a wide brimmed hats set against a backdrop of brown paddocks or lush green hillsides.

But did you know that women are contributing almost half of the average Aussie farm income in 2019?

Today we speak to Australia's invisible farmers and the woman who is putting the ladies of the land back into the history books


Host/Producer: Claire Murphy

Executive Producer: Elle Beattie

Audio Producer: Ian Camilleri


Thanks to our special guests Cotton Farmer Fleur Anderson and Professor Joy Damousi from the University of Melbourne, to check out more of the stories she has collected for the invisible Farmer project head here https://invisiblefarmer.net.au/

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