What Happens When ISIS Brides Want To Come Home?

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25 Feb 2019 · 13 minutes

What Happens When ISIS Brides Want To Come Home?
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You might have been hearing a lot about ISIS brides lately, more specifically, those who realised they made a bad choice and now want to come home.

The problem is, some of those women have had their citizenship revoked rendering them stateless and either in a prison or living in refugee camps with their young children.

But why did these woman join ISIS in the first place? And do we even have the laws necessary to see them face justice if and when they do return home?

Extremism and Counter Terrorism experts Helen Powell from George Washington University and Jacinta Carol from ANU step us through how these young women ended up making such a life altering and now permanent decision.


Host/Producer: Claire Murphy

Executive Producer: Elle Beattie

Audio Producer: Ian Camilleri

Thanks to our special guests Helen Powell, Research Fellow, Program of Extremism George Washington University and Jacinta Carol, Senior Research Fellow Counter Terrorism, National Security College Australian National University.

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