The Very Public Private Lives Of Female Politicians

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15 Oct 2020 · 12 minutes

The Very Public Private Lives Of Female Politicians
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It's been a big week for one of the most prominent women in Australian politics, NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian.

From calls for her resignation, salacious headlines and speculation, to an outpouring of support for her online, everyone has an opinion, but what does it actually mean to be a female politician in Australia? How much does gender play into the experiences of women in leadership?

Today The Quicky investigates the lives of Australia's female politicians, the standards society holds them to and where we draw the line between a private life and public service. 

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Host/Producer: Emma Gillespie

Guest Booker: Mel Sauer

Audio Producer: Ian Camilleri

Guests: Jenna Price

If you want to hear the full interview from Julia Gillard with Mia Freedman, you can listen to the No Filter podcast here.


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