State Before Nation: Is COVID-19 Dividing Us?

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13 Oct 2020 · 18 minutes

State Before Nation: Is COVID-19 Dividing Us?
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Are you feeling that state divide right now?

Many Aussies report feeling less of a sense of solidarity now that the coronavirus has made them more focused on how their state is doing as opposed to the rest of the country.  And for WA, they're talking about cutting themselves off from the Federation all together.

Today The Quicky looks at whether COVID-19 has affected the Australian identity.

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Host/Producer: Claire Murphy 

Guest Booker: Mel Sauer

Audio Producer: Ian Camilleri

Guests: Russell Sewell, CoFounder, Leader and Chairman of the WARepublic Party

Alex Haslam, University of Queensland professor of Social and Organisational Psychology


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