Finders, Keepers? Who Owns Valuable Lost Property

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Finders, Keepers? Who Owns Valuable Lost Property

Earlier this month, one very lucky man was told he would be allowed to keep half of a treasure trove of diamonds, emeralds and sapphires he'd found back in 2013 while hiking on Mont Blanc in France.

It's an incredible true story of buried treasure, but finding valuables on the street, beach or even within your own home is more common than you might think, so how do you know if you're allowed to keep them? And what happens if you're the one who lost the precious items in the first place?

The Quicky speaks to two legal and policing experts to find out if it really is a case of 'finders, keepers' when you discover valuables by chance, or if pocketing them instead of reporting it to the authorities could land you in some legally hot water.


Host: Claire Murphy

With thanks to: 

Wayne Morgan - Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Education) in the Australian National University's College of Law

Peter Price - Chairman of Crime Stoppers Australia

      Producer: Claire Murphy

      Executive Producer: Siobhán Moran-McFarlane

      Audio Producer: Ian Camilleri

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