US Election Update & The Fight For A Sacred Site

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US Election Update & The Fight For A Sacred Site

When the Western Highway in Victoria was approved for an upgrade, it kicked off a 2 year battle that still hasn't ended.

In fact, just as Melbourne was coming out of lockdown, one of the sacred trees of the Djab Wurrung people, which is in the way of the current highway plan, was cut down and hauled away.

The Quicky investigates why Australia's first nations people still have to fight to keep stop their sacred sites from being destroyed.

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Host/Producer: Claire Murphy

Guest Booker: Mel Sauer

Audio Producer: Ian Camilleri

Guests: Djab Wurrung woman and member of the First People's Assembly of Victoria Sissy Austin and Professor Jakelin Troy, Director of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research at the University of Sydney

To sign the petition to change the route and protect this ancient sacred site, click here


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