Cultural Appropriation And How Not To Be 'That' Person This Halloween

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Cultural Appropriation And How Not To Be 'That' Person This Halloween

Do you know if your Halloween costume is actually a reflection of cultural appropriation? What does cultural appropriation even mean?

If you want to dress up as your favourite celebrity but you're white and they're black is it still ok to go as them? What if you want to go as a Native American Indian, Geisha or the Disney character Moana?

We take a look at cultural appropriation, what it is, what it means and how you can avoid being 'that' person this Halloween


Host/Producer: Claire Murphy 

Executive Producer: Elle Beattie 

Audio Producer: Ian Camilleri 

Thanks to our special guest Dr Mia Moody Ramirez, Professor of Journalism, Public Relations and New Media at Baylor University in Texas. She's the author of the book 'From Blackface to Black Twitter: Reflections on Black Humour, Race, Politics and Gender'.

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