Bloody Hell: Why Millions Of Us Can't Donate Our Blood

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Bloody Hell: Why Millions Of Us Can't Donate Our Blood

One in three Aussies will need a blood transfusion at some point to save their lives, but at the moment, only about one in 30 of us are rolling up our sleeves to donate.

Part of the problem is that millions of willing donors are automatically ruled out by an extensive list of restrictions relating to not only our current health, but also our lifestyle choices and sex lives.

The Quicky investigates why there are so many limitations on who can donate blood in Australia, and speaks to a doctor to find out if these rules are still appropriate, or based on outdated assumptions.

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Host/Producer: Claire Murphy

Executive Producer: Siobhán Moran-McFarlane

Audio Producer: Jacob Round


Dr Brad McKay - GP, Australian science communicator, TV host, author and podcaster


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