The Baby Products Zoe Marshall Can't Live Without

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The Baby Products Zoe Marshall Can't Live Without

When did you return to work after having a baby? Did you wait six months? Two years? Or did you jump straight back in? Sean talks about the pros and cons of going back to work full time and Zoe explains what reverse maternity leave is and why she’s LOVING it.

Plus, how do you deal with giving up control when friends, family or a babysitter steps in to help you with the little ones?  

Sean has another baby mishap to share and this one involves a slip in the tub and broken teeth.  He talks about how to hold it together when your baby hurts themselves when all you really want to do is collapse in a puddle of tears.

And Zoe Marshall shares the baby products she can't live without...

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Host: Zoe Marshall & Sean Szeps

Producer: Amelia Navascues


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