How To Feed Your Baby Without A Blender

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How To Feed Your Baby Without A Blender

Welcome to the very first episode of The Baby Bubble with your hosts Zoe Marshall and Sean Szeps.

In this episode Zoe shares her feelings about parenting and admits she didn't always want to be a mum.  But now she's OBSESSED.  Sean talks about his experience with surogacy and why he asked his mum if she'd like to donate her eggs.  He also talks about why him and his husband, Josh Szeps, decided to try for twins, even though that scares most potential parents.

They dive deep on baby led weaning.  What is it and does it really work?  Sean's twins have just eaten something with a fork and he's smug as hell.  If your dream is to get your baby off puree'd mush you need to listen.  

Zoe brags about the fact she had nine hours sleep the night before, which doesn't go down well since Sean only got an hour.  But fear not, she doesn't have a miracle baby.  It's all because of some strict sleep training. 

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Host: Zoe Marshall & Sean Szeps

Producer: Amelia Navascues


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