Getting It On, Post-Baby

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Getting It On, Post-Baby

Have you ever had a stranger try and kiss your baby?  Or hold it’s hand with their germy fingers? Sean and Zoe have some advice for all those well-meaning strangers who insists on touching their kids uninvited.

Plus, do you have trouble saying no to your kids?  Or are you too quick to yell without offering an explanation?  Sean has some great advice for when and how to use the word “no” and why he thinks you should explain why you’re upset.  Even if your kids are too little to understand.

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And Zoe opens up (maybe a little too much) about how sex changes after you have a baby.  She talks about the importance of getting your confidence back when so many things have changed.  And why it’s totally okay to not be in the mood straight after the pregnancy ends.

It’s another week of oversharing you simply can’t miss...

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Host: Zoe Marshall & Sean Szeps

Producer: Amelia Navascues


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