What To Do When Your Baby Won't Sleep

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What To Do When Your Baby Won't Sleep

We’re back, baby, and Sean Szeps and Zoe Marshall are discussing going back to work after having a baby.  

How do you deal with the fact that you’re still the same person but EVERYTHING has changed?  Should you feel guilty for being excited about leaving the house and having a shower for once?  And how do you deal with colleagues who think comments like: “OMG! I could never leave my baby that early!” are helpful?

Plus, how do you get the balance right when it comes to screen time for your kids?  Zoe has been letting Fox watch more TV than she’s comfortable with and she’s decided that Peppa Pig is a bad influence.  Chocolate for breakfast Peppa? Not on Zoe’s watch!

And after being bombarded with your questions about how she got her baby to sleep for NINE HOURS, Zoe gets her sleep training guru, Jen Hamilton, on the line to ask everything you wanted to know.  Should you stick to a strict routine or is it better to go with the flow? Is it important to wrap your baby? Music or no music? Do you have to dim the lights or do you want them to go to sleep with the lights on? Should you leave your baby to cry?  SO MANY QUESTIONS and Jen from Wot Baby has all the answers.

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Host: Zoe Marshall & Sean Szeps

Producer: Amelia Navascues

Guest: Jen Hamilton


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Here are some of Sean's favourite books:

  • Everything Sign Language Book by Irene Duke
  • My First Signs - American Sign Language by Annie Kubler
  • Baby Sign Language Basics by Monta Z. Briant


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