Dealing With Gender Disappointment

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Dealing With Gender Disappointment

After Sean’s left alone with the twins for a month he gets a taste of what single parenting is like and it gives him a newfound appreciation for people doing it solo.  

Plus, have you ever asked yourself if there is a perfect time to have a child? Most parents say “you’re never going to be ready” so Zoe and Sean share when they realised it was time.

And have you ever heard of gender disappointment?  A friend of Sean’s shared her story of being disappointed by the gender of her baby and the guys weigh in on whether they felt it with their own kids.

If you have experienced gender disappointment and have a story to tell then we would love to hear from you. Call us on 02 8999 9386 or email us [email protected]


Host: Zoe Marshall & Sean Szeps

Producer: Amelia Navascues


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