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Welcome to That’s Incredible!  A podcast about the unexpectedly awesome things that are all around us.  

On today’s episode, we're going to explore the delicious world of food!

We're chatting to comedian, Mikey Robins who wrote a book all about the amazing things people eat all over the world.  He’s going to tell us about the wacky world of competitive eating and we're going to learn lots of cool facts about the stuff you put in your belly every day.

Ready? Let's go!

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Now it’s time to take what you’ve learned out into your everyday life.  

One of the really wonderful things about food is it’s so different depending on where you are in the world.  Trying different cuisines and delicacies is an awesome way to get a taste of different cultures but you don’t have to travel to do it! 

Choose a food from another country you’ve never tried and ask a grown up to help you find it in your hometown.  Maybe there’s a sushi train near by and you can try eel or raw fish! Or maybe you’ve never had a crepe, which are popular in France. 

Be as adventurous as you like or, go one step further...find a recipe and try to make at home. 

Send us a photo of the interesting international food you tried at [email protected].  


Host: Andrew Daddo

Guest: Mikey Robins - Seven Deadly Sins and One Very Naughty Fruit

Executive Producer: Rachel Corbett

Senior Producer: Elise Cooper

Audio Production & Editing: Elise Cooper

Editing Assistance: Rachel Corbett & Hannah Bowman

Scriptwriters: Subby Valentine, Peter Green & Rachel Corbett

Script Editor: Holly Wainwright & Elise Cooper

Script Consultant: Angela McLean

Thanks to our cast of incredible kids... Summer Waller, Sofia Lefebvre, Indiana Yates, George Cook, Amelia Cook and Lucia Bartlam.


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