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Welcome to That’s Incredible!  A podcast about the unexpectedly awesome things that are all around us.  

On today's episode, we’re visiting the world’s 6th largest country. It’s home to the world’s oldest living culture and has some of the most amazing and unique animals found anywhere on the planet. It has snow-capped mountains, dense rainforests, vast deserts and the world’s largest coral reef. 

It's Australia!  We're going to learn some cool facts about the world's largest island continent and hear from actress and Yolngu woman Rarriwuy Hick about what it was like growing up in one of the most remote and captivating places in the country; Arnhem Land.

Ready? Let's go!

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So now you know a lot more about Australia it’s time to celebrate a part of Australia you love. 

Tourism is a big thing in Australia and when people want tourists to come to their town they make an ad. 

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Maybe it’s your hometown. Maybe it’s the place you go on holiday with your family. Maybe it’s a secret location no one else knows about but you!

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Host: Andrew Daddo

Guest: Rarriwuy Hick

Executive Producer: Rachel Corbett

Senior Producer: Elise Cooper

Audio Production & Editing: Elise Cooper

Editing Assistance: Rachel Corbett & Hannah Bowman

Scriptwriters: Subby Valentine, Peter Green & Rachel Corbett

Script Editor: Holly Wainwright & Elise Cooper

Script Consultant: Angela McLean

Thanks to our cast of incredible kids... Summer Waller, Matilda McKean, Sofia Lefebvre, Indiana Yates, George Cook, Amelia Cook and Lucia Bartlam.


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