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Welcome to That’s Incredible!  A podcast about the unexpectedly awesome things that are all around us. Things you might never have noticed before!

Like maybe you’re doing your homework and you hear a plane flying overhead.  You might not give it a second thought but just think about what’s happening...while you’re sitting there adding or subtracting, there are hundreds of people right above you flying through the sky!  It’s a pretty incredible feat of technology and you thought you were just sitting there doing your homework!

Our world is a remarkable place, and if you take the time to look, you’ll find extraordinary things going on all around you, every day.  

In this episode, we’re going on an adventure to explore the wonderful world of animals. From tiny frogs to giant squid, you’d be amazed at the fascinating things you’ll find out about the animal kingdom. We’ll also be taking you to a place where you can see a bunch of different animals from all parts of the world in one place! 

Ready? Let's go!

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Now it’s time to take what you’ve learned into your every day by becoming a real-life wildlife investigator.  

Did you know that there are over 240 species of frogs in Australia? They don’t all live in big can find them in your backyard or your local park and The Australian Museum wants to know where all the frogs are in Australia.  And you can help!

Download the FrogID app ( and head outside tonight to see if you can record some frog sounds. You’ll be amazed at how many different sounds they make!

If you go through the app you’ll hear frogs croaking, barking, even whistling and if you manage to find one, take a picture and send it to us here at [email protected].


Host: Andrew Daddo

Guest: Brooke Stone-Rayner

Executive Producer: Rachel Corbett

Senior Producers: Elise Cooper & Rachael Hart

Audio Production: Elise Cooper

Editor: Elise Cooper

Editing Assistance: Ian Camilleri & Rachel Corbett

Scriptwriters: Subby Valentine, Peter Green & Rachel Corbett

Script Editor: Holly Wainwright

Script Consultant: Angela McLean

Thanks to our cast of incredible kids... Summer Waller, Sofia Lefebvre, Indiana Yates, George Cook, Amelia Cook and Lucia Bartlam.


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