Introducing: The Undone....

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Introducing: The Undone....

Missing Social Squad? Why not check out our new podcast The Undone... 

Let’s be honest. When you’re in your 20s, everything feels complicated… which is where The Undone comes in, Mamamia's new podcast for people in their 20s.

Meet Emily and Lucy. They work at Mamamia and they live together in the inner city. They spend their days trying to work out how to turn the oven on, why their dating lives are such garbage fires, and why sometimes their tiny daily struggles seem just as insurmountable as the world’s biggest problems. Every week on The Undone they’ll be sharing dating stories and talking about the biggest issue in their world, because... nothing is simple in your 20s. 

And today on the show they're joined by Social Squad host Tully Smyth 

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