Coming Soon: Quizzish


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Coming Soon: Quizzish

Have you ever played trivia at a pub and thought to yourself: “Why are there so many questions about sport? Why aren't there more questions about The Bachelor? I wish I could do this at home.”

Then you need Quizzish in your life. Hosted by Kelly McCarren, Quizzish is Mamamia’s weekly trivia podcast where two rivals go head to head to see who can become the Quizzish champion. And you can play along at home too. Whether you’re in the car, at the gym, feeding the baby, out with mates, in with mates. Literally anywhere you listen to a podcast, you can play this game.

And we won’t get offended if you shout at us. So brush up on your pop culture knowledge, start binge-watching a lot of reality TV and get ready to play Quizzish.