You Probably Shouldn’t Have Sex With A Grapefruit


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You Probably Shouldn’t Have Sex With A Grapefruit

Guys, people use fruit to spice up their sex lives. Kelly McCarren is one of those people. And her experience wasn’t… fruitful? So that gets us talking about the most awkward sex fails  experienced (endured) in the bedroom and beyond. we're chatting about the dating ritual that we kinda wish wasn't a thing.

Plus does adulthood symbolise the loss of role models? After all, even the most uber of celebrities and public figures are fallible.. So why do we still look up to strangers who excel in their field. Does it doom us to disappointment? 

And pick up lines SUCK. Have you ever used one that worked? Lem and Flex talk about the racist negging masquerading as a pick-up line they’ve experienced, and how sexy honesty worked for Lem the one time she tried to use a non conventional pick up line. Oh and Kel’s form of wing-woman-ship involves falling on people. You’ll need some context for that one. So listen now!


Hosts: Kelly McCarren, Flex Mami & Lama Zakharia

Producer: Elise Cooper


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