Whatever Happened To Poppy King?

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Whatever Happened To Poppy King?

She started making the lipsticks she would want to wear when she was 19. Within three years Poppy King was head of the biggest cosmetic company in Australia. She was one of the few young women in our pre-Internet public life and she changed the psyche of Australia in terms of what we could make and what we could export. 

And then she disappeared. Poppy moved to New York and Australia’s lips were never the same. Then, this year, Mia Freedman bought a new lipstick in a cool Sydney make-up store and realised it was made by her old friend Poppy. Weeks later, they sat down in New York City to discuss success, failure and the peculiar experience of being a successful young woman with a target on their back. 

Show Notes

Your host was Mia Freedman

With thanks to Poppy King. Find out more about her new lipstick range here.

This podcast was produced by Elissa Ratliff.

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