Tracey Spicer vs The Boys Club

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Tracey Spicer vs The Boys Club

“People want to see people who look like them on television - the true diversity of the community - but traditionally male, middle-aged white executives would choose women based on their penises”

Ever since news broke last month about Harvey Weinstein's alleged history of sexual assault journalist, feminist and author Tracey Spicer sent out a tweet asking if there were women in Australia who had similar stories about men in the Australian media.

What happened next floored her. She was inundated with anguished emails and phone calls from hundreds of women who wanted to speak up.

Tracey, who told her own stories of abuse in her memoir The Good Girl Stripped Bare, is now working with police and other media organisations to take on - and take down the boys club.

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Your host is Mia Freedman.

With thanks to special guest Tracey Spicer

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