Tim Minchin: Success, Failure, Family and Coming Home

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Tim Minchin: Success, Failure, Family and Coming Home

Here's what we know about Tim Minchin. He's an actor, writer, composer, lyrists and director. 

But he’s also a self-described nerd, who became wildly famous after the success of Matilda and then fell from grace when an animated film he was working on for 4 years got shut down.

In this interview, he talks to Mia about being battered by America, the feeling of knowing your most successful work could be behind you and how in his line of work he has made a choice to be monogamous and put family first.

He also has a new TV show called Upright that he is unashamedly proud of and we absolutely loved. You can watch it on Foxtel now!

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Host: Mia Freedman 

With thanks to special guest Tim Minchin

Producer: Bridget Northeast


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