The Power of Female Friendship: Mandy & Kate's Story

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The Power of Female Friendship: Mandy & Kate's Story

Before they met one another, Kate Jones and Mandy Hose were both pregnant with twins at the same time. They each gave birth prematurely and after white-knuckling their way through the terrifying world of the newborn intensive care unit, eventually got to bring their babies home.

In time, both Mandy and Kate's twins would be diagnosed with additional needs and so began a new life for their two families; lives that neither was prepared for and which would take them both to some really unexpected places. The similarities in their situations are almost unbelievable. 

Somehow, Kate and Mandy found each other and forged a friendship in fire. But oh, how they make each other laugh.

Now they're on No Filter, talking about how they met, and how their friendship has become an unlikely national phenomenon.


Host: Mia Freedman . You can find her on Instagram here and get her free weekly column here. 

Guest: Kate Jones and Mandy Hose, Too Peas In A Podcast 

Producer: Melanie Tait 


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