Susan Carland On Being A Muslim Feminist

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Susan Carland On Being A Muslim Feminist

There are many assumptions made about Muslim women. That they are oppressed. Repressed. Distressed.  Depressed. Victims of a religion that persecutes them. That there is no way you can be a Muslim and a feminist.

Susan Carland disagrees.  A devout Muslim woman, she converted from Christianity when she was a teenager.  Now an academic, she has been fighting assumptions ever since. In her book Fighting Hislam - Women, Faith and Sexism, she argues that there are Muslim women who are fighting for gender equality inside their faith and that being Muslim and a feminist are not mutually exclusive.

This interview explores the difference between culture and religion, why Muslims aren't a monolith, and why Islam and feminism can - despite popular opinion - co-exist. 

Show Notes

Your host is Mia Freedman.

With thanks to Susan Carland

Her book is Fighting Hislam; Women, Faith and Sexism. Published by Melbourne University Press

This podcast was produced by Monique Bowley


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